Baths include a good brushout,
ears cleaned, nails clipped, a deep cleaning bath with our signature house shampoo, conditioner & blown dry by hand

Just Want A Bath

Starting at $25

We offer a selection of specilized baths to meet your needs.              * oatmeal       * hypoallergenic
 * deodorizing  * non-toxic flea   
 * medicated    * deskunking
 * brightening   * organic

Specialized Baths

Prices vary (starting at $5)

Not ready for a full haircut but need a clean-up in a few spots? Ask for a trim. You get everything we do with a bath plus a trim around eyes, paws & sanitary area

I Need A Trim

Starting at $45

Ready for your makeover? A full grooming includes everying we do with a bath and a trim plus a full body haircut according to your specifications.

Haircut PLEEEASE!!!

Starting at $55

Just need your nails clipped?
Walk in any time.
No appointment necessary. 

Nail Clipping


Yes we do kitties too.
Brushouts, baths, haircuts,
nail trimmings...the works. 

Hello Kitty

Starting at $60*

* Blueberry Facials
* Paw Soaks
* Rough Spot Rubs
* Therapeutic Mud Wraps

Spa Treatments

Prices vary (starting at $3)

* Teeth Brushed
* Pads Shaved
* Ears Cleaned
* Flea Med Application
* Deshedding
* Anal Sac Expression

a' La Carte

Prices vary (starting at $5)

Prices quoted are starting price for small dogs and increase according to size and coat condition

*Cat baths start at $60.00, cat haircuts start at $80.00

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