Sometimes we may pre-shave off a good deal of the coat. We do all this preparation prior to going in the tub so that the bath will be most effective.  





Our Process...

Before we even start the bath, we begin with a thorough investigation of the coat and skin. Your pup goes on the grooming table and we blow out the coat to remove excess dirt, dust and dander. Then we brush-out the coat to remove any knots or matting. 



It's All About the Bath

Getting your pet clean down to the skin is what sets us apart. Paws down; we give the very best baths and that is key to an excellent grooming. Our customers often comment about how good their pet smells days after their grooming appointment. That is because we take the time to ensure our high quality shampoos and conditioners are worked through the coat and massaged down to the skin level. There is no need for a spritz of perfumey cologne when your dog is deep down naturally clean from nose to tail. 

(Another one of Jete's duties is to warm towels)

And No Heat Drying

We do not use heated cage dryers in our salon.  Once the bath is done, your fur kid gets a really good towel drying. Then we move to the grooming table and use high velocity dryers to remove excess water from the coat. If your pet is not a fan of the high velocity dryer, we have private stalls in our drying room where your pet can relax and take a nap while large air mover fans circulate a steady stream of air to speed up the drying process. Sometimes depending on the coat and the style we are trying to achieve, we will use a regular hand held blow dryer to fluff the coat. And once the coat is completely dry, it's time for the haircut!!!