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What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

All we need is a copy of your pets most recent rabies vaccination so we can add that information to our system.  Also, make sure you tell us about any lumps, bumps, moles, skin tags, injuries or sore spots so we can add it to your pet's record and we are aware of any potential health issues. 


How long does it take to groom my dog?

We ask for up to 4 hours for small dog grooming and 5 hours for large dog grooming. Cats up to 6 hours. Add an extra hour to these times if you are dropping off multiple pets.  These are estimated times to help you know the approximate pick-up time. Generally we finish sooner than the time we request and we call you as soon as we are finished. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you groom difficult dogs?

We can and do groom dogs who are quite difficult. We ask that you let us know about your dog's grooming history. Just because they had a difficult time in the past does not mean that they will continue to be difficult. However, if your beloved fur kid is one of those dogs that is NEVER going to like grooming, just let us know. We can make sure that we schedule enough time to work with your dog and we will do the very best we can to safely complete the grooming.


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  We also accept cash and checks.


What is the difference between a haircut and a trim?

We always you want a haircut or a trim?  A haircut is when we shorten the length of the fur or hair over the entire body of your pet. A trim is when we do a quick cut around the eyes, tail, paws and sanitary area, but do not take any length off the body.


Do you accept sedated dogs?

Yes. Sometimes for the safety of your dog and the groomer, there is just no other way to complete the grooming without sedation. If we recommend that your dog should have sedation for grooming, you can get the appropriate medication from your vet and you can give the meds to your dog prior to the grooming appointment. We do not administer sedation.  


Do you offer express appointments?

Yes. If your pet is a good candidate you can schedule an express appointment for an additional charge which cuts the grooming time in half.


Can I stay while you groom my pet?

No. It is way too distracting for your pet. Our salon is open so your pet can see and hear you from the grooming table. If your pet knows you are in the reception area, they have a really hard time settling down and staying still making it nearly impossible to finish their grooming. 


How will I know when my pet is ready to be picked up?

We will call you as soon as your pet is finished and ready to be picked up. Please do not show up before we call. Once your pet sees you, they get so excited that we may not be able to finish the grooming.


How can I prepare my pet prior to their visit to The Grooming Salon?

Make sure your dog has had a good walk before their grooming appointment so they have done ALL their business. Also, be calm. Your dog feels your emotions. Nervous owners make nervous dogs. We know it is hard to leave your beloved fur baby with us but the more relaxed you are about your dog's grooming appointment the more relaxed your pet will be.

Do you specialize in any particular breeds?

We specialize in making sure your pet gets the very best grooming possible. We do see ALOT of Golden Retrievers, Labradoodles, Golden Doodles, Havanese, Shih Tzus, Cocker Spaniels, Maltese, Shelties, Yorkies, Westies, Schnauzers, Cavaliers, Cairns, Bull Dogs, Boxers, Bichons, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Cockapoos, Pugs, Frenchies, Beagles, Cavapoos, Morkies, Schnoodles, Sheepdogs, Puggles, Cavachons, Austrailian Shepherds, Persians, Himalayans... This is a list of the most frequent breeds we see at our salon and is not representative of ALL the breeds we see.  


Do you groom puppies and kittens?

Yes. We groom puppies and kittens. We find it is best to wait until 6 months of age for your fur baby to be mature enough to handle a complete grooming. We will consider younger pets on an individual basis to help you acquaint your pet with the grooming process.


How do you trim nails?

We typically cut and file nails. We can grind the nails if your pet is more comfortable.  


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